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Join Enviro-Tech International (ETI) for lifesaving wilderness survival and safety training for people working in demanding environments across the globe. Since 1981 ETI has offered a wide range of high-quality wilderness survival and safety training. Our programs meet the needs of specialized industries and organizations that operate in remote and challenging environments in the United States and abroad. We offer courses in hot and cold weather survival, tower climbing safety and rescue, wilderness and high-angle rope rescue, wind tower safety and rescue, snowcat safety, and aircraft pilot and crew survival. We specialize in on-site training, tailored to meet the specific needs of the organizations we serve.

For over 40 years, ETI has worked with utility companies, electrical power providers, and their cooperatives; the telecommunications industry; the oil and gas industry; search and rescue groups; state transportation departments; the US Military; and federal, state, and local government agencies. Our experience with these industries gives us unique insights into the difficult conditions these people face each day.

If your organization is challenged by tough assignments in remote areas or close to home, personnel may be exposed to extreme conditions of cold and heat or the high-angle hazards of working at heights on towers and structures. Knowing and applying basic survival and safety techniques can avert many dangers faced daily. ETI's training courses are designed to provide vital skills and knowledge that are critical to any safety program involving people in challenging environments.

Whether patrolling remote power lines in a snowcat or climbing a communications tower close to home, ETI can provide valuable training that will make working in these unique environments safe and more productive. Standard training packages include both classroom and field sessions, with an emphasis on practical training in the field. Shorter classroom-only training sessions are also available. Whether you're working in the United States or abroad, we have a training package to suit your operation.

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