Specialty Training For Military Units

ETI offers specialized training to military units who may be deployed to areas of the world that contain a combination of challenging environments. Operating in extreme heat, cold, and high altitude conditions combined with tactical challenges require unique preparation and training. Our military training programs are designed to provide the advanced knowledge and skills required for teams to be safe and efficient while working in these situations. A brief description of our military training programs are listed below.

Advanced Cold Weather Survival Training


Cold weather survival training for specialized military or government units who are required to operate in cold tactical environments. Training goes beyond the basics, covering advanced winter navigation skills, snowshoe and skiing techniques, avalanche safety and rescue, field recognition and treatment of hypothermia and cold injuries, advanced snow shelters, and many others.

Advanced Desert and Hot Weather Survival Training


Advanced desert survival training is designed for units operating in hot dry, or hot humid environments. The majority of this multi-day training is conducted in the field, and teaches the advanced techniques of locating water and food, moving silently, safe route finding, night movements, water requirements and dehydration, desert shelters, primitive and advanced navigation skills, field recognition and treatment of heat illness, and much more.

Basic High Angle Rescue Training


Rescue training for units that may be called upon to perform general high and low angle rescue and extraction operations from the roadside or backcountry.

Mountain High Altitude Rescue Training


High altitude environments present unique difficulties to specialized rescue units. Access, weather, terrain and patient condition combine to intensify the challenge of making a successful rescue. The course emphasizes the use of lightweight equipment to build safe, versatile and efficient rescue systems, which can be used in a remote mountain environment.

Tactical High Angle Rescue Training


Tactical rescue training is designed for those who may be working at height on buildings, towers and other structures in difficult or hostile environments. Working safely and efficiently on structures require detailed knowledge and skills, which can quickly be accessed to efficiently complete difficult rescues under dangerous and challenging circumstances.

Understanding basic structural anchoring methods, raising and lowering systems, equipment options, and safety systems are critical to mission safety during tactical operations. Each team member should be proficient in the use of basic high angle rescue techniques and know how to work together with others to initiate and complete challenging rescues under a variety of conditions.

The course curriculum emphasizes lightweight systems and simplified techniques for quick entry/exit and fast evacuation of wounded or injured personnel.

Tower Safety and Rescue Training

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Safety training designed for units tasked with the installation, operation and maintenance of elevated communications equipment and structures. The course teaches safe and efficient climbing and work positioning techniques, self-rescue, and tower rescue. The course also introduces some unique time saving techniques for changing out microwave covers and tower mounted equipment.

Custom Designed Programs

All of the training programs offered by ETI can be tailored to meet specific requirements. We can also design custom training programs to suit your needs.


Our courses can be conducted on site in any location


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